DairyWater researcher presents as part of the EU Aquaponics Hub COST Action meeting

An EU Aquaponics Hub COST Action meeting entitled “Modelling nutrients, energy and growth in aquaponic systems” took place between the 24th and the 27th April 2017 in UCC’s School of Biological and Earth Science. DairyWater researcher, Beatriz Gil Pulido, was invited to deliver a presentation on her work entitled “Microbial ecology of a bioreactor approach to treat dairy wastewater”.


Beatriz Gil Pulido presenting at the EU Aquaponics Hub COST Action meeting

The presentation included a brief introduction into the DairyWater project in order to give context to the participants as to why the project was initiated and details of the involvement of the different universities, research centres and industry stakeholders across Ireland.

The core of the presentation detailed the intermittently aerated sequencing batch reactor (IASBR) technology and the removal of nutrients by the biological pathway, which indicates the importance of the microbiology. Previously published results were reported, which demonstrated the efficiency of the IASBR technology for N and P removal under cool operational temperature. Results from the first laboratory-scale IASBR trials exploring the microbial ecology in the system when treating dairy waste water where shown as a first approach in the knowledge of the bacterial community structure of an IASBR treating dairy processing waste water. Dominant bacterial structures were linked with optimal nutrient removals in the bioreactor during a good performance operational conditions.