Visit to Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute

Prof. Liwen Xiao and Prof. Xinmin Zhan visited Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute

Prof. Liwen Xiao (Task 4 leader) and Prof. Xinmin Zhan (project coordinator) visited Tsignhua-Berkely Shenzhen Institute on the 24th July 2018. Both were invited to present their research. Prof. Liwen Xiao presented Investigation into the causes, impacts and measures to deal with algal blooms in Vartry Reservoirs. Prof. Liwen Xiao introduced the occurrence of diatom algal blooms in Vartry Reservoir since 2013, resulting in serious clogging of the slow sand filters in the water treatment plant and a reduction in the treatment capacity from 75 million litres to 40 million litres per day. His research team investigated three consecutive diatom bloom periods to understand the causes of the algal blooms. Their results indicate that rather than nutrient enrichment, the low zooplankton populations could be the cause of the blooms.


Prof. Xinmin Zhan presented NEO-GREEN concept for sustainable wastewater treatment. In his presentation, Prof. Zhan explained his thoughts on how to develop future wastewater treatment facilities which should be environmentally sustainable with energy and nutrient recovery. The major resource issues (water, food, energy) facing the world today are pushing the current wastewater treatment systems shifting to a new direction focusing on resources (energy, nutrient, water, etc.) recovery. This demands that future treatment technologies should harness potential energy in wastewater, incorporate nutrient (nitrogen and phosphorus) recovery and minimize waste sludge production whilst meeting increasingly stringent discharge permits. To address this need, Prof. Zhan proposes an innovative treatment system (i.e. NEO-GREEN), which is based on iron sulphides materials, for a viable next-generation wastewater treatment technology towards maximal resources recovery and minimal waste generation.


Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute (TBSI) is jointly established by Tsinghua University and University of California, Berkeley under the support of the Shenzhen Municipal Government. It is committed to exploring the cultivation mode in “university-government-enterprise” tripartite cooperation.

After presentation, Prof. Xiao and Prof. Zhan visited the environmental labs in the institute.