Project overview paper published by Dairywater researchers

The DairyWater team have had a cluster of articles published in the Journal of Dairy Research (Cambridge University Press) after peer review. The first paper published was an overview paper of the project written by Dr. William Finnegan with contributions from each of the researchers associated with the tasks of the project.

Title: DairyWater: striving for sustainability within the dairy processing industry in the Republic of Ireland

Authors: William Finnegan, Eoghan Clifford, Jamie Goggins, Niall O’Leary, Alan Dobson, Neil Rowan, Liwen Xiao, Song Miao, Kelly Fitzhenry, Peter Leonard, Emma Tarpey, Beatriz Gil-Pulido, Fei Gao, Xinmin Zhan.

Journal: Journal of Dairy Research



This Review describes the objectives and methodology of the DairyWater project as it aims to aid the Irish dairy processing industry in achieving sustainability as it expands. With the abolition of European milk quotas in March 2015, the Republic of Ireland saw a surge in milk production. The DairyWater project was established in anticipation of this expansion of the Irish dairy sector in order to develop innovative solutions for the efficient management of water consumption, wastewater treatment and the resulting energy use within the country’s dairy processing industry. Therefore, the project can be divided into three main thematic areas: dairy wastewater treatment technologies and microbial analysis, water re-use and rainwater harvesting and environmental assessment. In order to ensure the project remains as relevant as possible to the industry, a project advisory board containing key industry stakeholders has been established. To date, a number of large scale studies, using data obtained directly from the Irish dairy industry, have been performed. Additionally, pilot-scale wastewater treatment (intermittently aerated sequencing batch reactor) and tertiary treatment (flow-through pulsed ultraviolet system) technologies have been demonstrated within the project. Further details on selected aspects of the project are discussed in greater detail in the subsequent cluster of research communications.

Congratulations to William and all co-authors.