Prof. Xinmin Zhan presented NEO-GREEN concept in Beijing, China

Prof. Xinmin Zhan was invited by Prof. Yongzhen Peng to visit the School of Environmental and Energy Engineering at Beijing University of Technology in the period of 7 -10 November, 2018. Prof. Zhan presented the concept of NEO-GREEN (Natural/Nano Iron sulphidEs based biOtechnoloGy towaRds nExt gEneratioN wastewater treatment). In his presentation, Prof. Zhan at first briefly introduced the culture and natural beauty of Ireland and the engineering research carried out in the National University of Ireland, Galway. Then, he introduced his research interest and research projects, with the focus on the IASBR technology and the DairyWater project. Prof. Zhan then discussed the laboratory- and pilot-scale research on simultaneous removal of nitrogen and phosphorus through natural and nano iron sulfides based biofilters. Finally, he proposed the novel concept of NEO-GREEN, with which a future wastewater treatment process which will achieve recovery of bioenergy, nitrogen removal and phosphorus recovery from wastewaters with much reduced operation cost can be developed. The NEO-GREEN concept is achievable, compared with the recently widely studied ANAMMOX-based mainstream wastewater treatment process.

Prof. Yongzheng Peng is famous worldwide in the area of biological wastewater treatment, in particular nitrogen removal. He is an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the Principal Professor in Environmental Science and Engineering at Beijing University of Technology, and the Director of the Beijing Engineering Technology Research Center of Wastewater Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal.