Prof. Zhan presented NEO-GREEN in NRR2018 in Brisbane

Prof. Xinmin Zhan presented his research on NEO-GREEN (Natural/Nano Iron sulphidEs based biOtechnoloGy towaRds nExt gEneratioN wastewater treatment) in the International Water Association Nutrient Removal and Recovery Conference (NRR2018) in Brisbane in 18-22 November, 2018. Through  NEO-GREEN, a future wastewater treatment process which will achieve recovery of bioenergy, nitrogen removal and phosphorus recovery from wastewaters with much reduced operation cost can be developed. He told the audience that the NEO-GREEN concept is achievable, compared with the recently widely studied ANAMMOX-based mainstream wastewater treatment process. The concept is the result of studies  in a number of years with funding from EU-Marie Curie programme, China Scholarship Council, and the Irish Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine for the DairyWater project (Ref. 13-F-507).